Tire Basics

Whether you’re heading cross-country, across town, or off-road, the tires you choose are critical to your truck’s performance. Tires affect your traction, your comfort, as well as your fuel economy – and choosing the right tire is critical to your business and easy when you know how.

Key factors in selecting truck tires include Position (Steer/All Position, Drive, or Trailer) and Application (Long Haul, Regional, RV, On/Off Road, or Urban). View by one of the criteria above, or head straight for the Tire Selector for help in choosing the right Michelin® truck tire for your needs.

What's in a name?

Much of what you need to know about a truck tire can be found in its name. Look at the tire name below (XZA3®) to understand how tires are named and how they work.

Michelin Tire Name Decoder


What’s the difference between a steer tire and a trailer tire? You can find out here.



Discover how Michelin truck tires are specially designed for a wide range of applications.