The aggressive radial truck tire designed for on/off service in severe conditions.

Rugged directional tread with application-specific compounds helps provide outstanding self-cleaning capability, combined with resistance to aggressions (directional for first half of tread depth).

Deep lateral shoulder grooves aid water dispersion to enhance traction.

Extra-robust, four-belt crown package with extra-wide working plies help deliver exceptional casing life.

Extra-thick sidewalls, designed to increase protection from shocks, snags and impacts.

Full-width elastic protector ply and extra-thick rubber under the tread, help protect the working plies from shocks, bruises and impacts.

Rectangular bead bundle - - a Michelin® exclusive - simulates a solid steel rod "strapping" the tire onto the wheel. This design stabilizes the entire bead region and minimizes fatigue in order to extend casing life.

Shock pad - cushions the working plies, further protecting them from impacts.

Full-width, elastic protector ply - helps protect the working plies from bruising and penetrations, lowering downtime.

Four-belt crown package - with extra-wide working plies delivers exceptional casing strength and stability to minimize downtime, improve handling, and deliver outstanding retreadability for low overall tire costs.

Application-specific tread compound - helps resist cutting, chipping, and chunking.

Deep lateral shoulder grooves - aid water dispersion to improve wet traction.

Extra-wide tread - reduces sidewall vulnerability, extends tread life, and improves traction and handling.

Rugged directional tread - design boosts mud and snow traction through improved self-cleaning capability.

Extra-thick sidewalls - increase sidewall protection, minimizing downtime and lowering tire costs.