XDY® 3

Drive tire optimized for exceptional traction and wear in mixed and severe on/off road applications.

Michelin Co-Ex technology helps deliver 31/32 OTD of our most aggression-resistant tread compound, while helping to keep the crown package cool for a long casing life.

+12% increase in tread volume for increased mileage and improved durability, +5% in tread width, +3% in tread depth, +4% in net contact area (when compared to MICHELIN® XDY-2 tire).

Maximized traction in soft soil and mud through massive, open lateral shoulder grooves.

Extra-robust, four-belt crown package with extra-wide working plies help deliver exceptional casing life.

The 315/80R22.5 has a directional tread design with three-belt construction.

Rounded bead toe - for easy mount and demount as well as help in reducing bead damage.

Extra-robust four steel belt construction (except 315/80R22.5 which has a three-steel belt construction) - for maximized retreadability.

Groove bottom protectors - in all three channels to protect against stone drilling and assists in stone ejection.

31/32nd tread depth - for longer life.

New tread compound - offers excellent protection against aggression, chipping and scaling.

12% increase in tread volume - (compared to the XDY-2) for increased mileage and improved durability +5% in tread width +3% in tread depth +4% in net contact area

Maximized traction - in soft soil and "plastic" mud through massive, open lateral shoulder grooves and non-directional tread design (the 315/80R22.5 is a directional tread design).

Thick beefy sidewalls - with shoulder scallops for protection against shocks and bruises.


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