Tires & Retreads

Michelin makes a wide range of tires and retreads to meet your trucking requirements. In this section you can:

  • Find the right truck tires or retread products for your vehicle and your business
  • Discover our cost-saving wide single tire X One® tires
  • Learn more about all of our truck tires, retread products and warranties
  • Visit the Michelin® RV Tire website for information about our wide range of RV tires
Image of a Michelin tire.

All Tires

Choose from all the tires we have to offer to find the right tires for your vehicle and your business.


Image of a Michelin retread tire.

All Retreads

View all our pre-mold and custom-mold retread products to find the right product for your truck.


Michelin truck retread product

Retread Technologies

No other retread uses Michelin’s new-tire technology and rigorous quality control.

Cut out image of X-One tires.

X One Tires

Discover how our exclusive wide single tire technology can improve your bottom line.