Michelin® X One® Fuel Savings

About the losses

A truck engine has to overcome three major forces in order to maintain speed:

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Tires Consume Fuel

  • Tires make up 35% of the energy consumed by the vehicle.
  • A 3% reduction in rolling resistance translates into a 1% fuel savings or an increase of .05 mpg.
  • Rolling resistance is measured in lbs of resistance per 1000 lbs of load.
  • The rolling resistance of a truck tire depends on the tire's construction and the compounds being used.'
  • Truck tires will typically vary from 4.5 lbs/1000 lbs to 8.0 lbs/1000lbs.
  • For reasons of simplicity and consistency we have opted to reflect rolling resistance by a relative index.
  • The following products can give an idea of the wide variety of compounds and designs that exist today, and their effect on rolling resistance.
  • 89 X One Line Energy D
  • 86 X One XDA Energy
  • 99 XT-1
  • 99 XDA Energy
  • 115 XDA3
  • 150 XDA-HT
100% 6.00 mpg
Rolling Resistance with Duals
Mechanical losses
Aerodynamic drag
96% 6.24 mpg
X One means less rolling resistance
Mechanical losses
Aerodynamic drag
U.S. Dept. of Energy Says MICHLEIN® X One® Tires
Save Up To 10 Percent on Fuel.  More

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