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Save Fuel and Weight

with MICHELIN® X One® tires and Energy Guard Aerodynamic Solutions

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•  Save $7,923 in fuel annually1

•  Save 40 liters every 1,000 kilometres2

Fuel Facts

  • Fuel is the largest vehicle-based cost in trucking.3
  • Aerodynamics and tire rolling resistance contribute up to 85% of a rig’s drag4 which negatively impacts fuel consumption.
  • Fuel efficiency provides a competitive advantage and improves your bottom line.
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Weight Facts

  • One MICHELIN® X ONE® wide base single tire and wheel weigh less than two duals and wheels.
  • With the weight savings, a fleet can carry more payload.

typical power distribution of class 8 truck at 105 km/h and 36 300 kg. GVW

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Improve Your Fuel Economy with Michelin

Reduce rolling resistance with MICHELIN® X ONE® Tires

Reduce rolling resistance and increase fuel economy with MICHELIN® X One® wide base single tires. These tires have two sidewalls, which results in less flex when compared to the four sidewalls that dual tires have. In addition to less flex, these tires are designed with advanced tread and casing technologies.

One MICHELIN X One wide single tire and wheel weigh less than two duals and two wheels. Every 10% drop in truck weight reduces fuel use between 5–10%.5 With the weight savings offered by MICHELIN X One tires, a truck fleet can carry more payload.

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Michelin X One tire

Improve Aerodynamics with the MICHELIN® Energy Guard SOLUTION

Control your vehicle’s airflow and get significant fuel savings with the MICHELIN® Energy Guard, a fully integrated aerodynamic solution. A resilient trailer skirt, patent-pending bracket and slider design, drag-reducing trailer end fairings, innovative wake reducer and aerodynamic mud flaps work together to combat the wind and improve your bottom line.

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1 Estimated fuel cost savings based on fuel savings results,1 with fuel prices at 2019 diesel fuel average of $ 1.23 CAD/liter, if tractor and trailer travel 160,000 kilometres per year with a baseline fuel economy of 31.8 L/100km. 2 Estimated fuel savings at 104 km/h based on commissioned, third-party MVT Solutions Certified testing procedure on a modern Class 8 truck and 16.15 m (53') trailer equipped with MICHELIN® Energy Guard, MICHELIN® X® Line Energy Z 275/80R22.5 steer tires, MICHELIN® X One® Line Energy D drive tires, and MICHELIN® X One® Line Energy T trailer tires, and compared to a trailer with no aerodynamic devices, equipped with Bridgestone R284 Ecopia 295/75R22.5 steer tires, Bridgestone Greatec M835A Ecopia 445/50R22.5 drive tires, and Bridgestone Greatec R197 Ecopia 445/50R22.5 trailer tires. Actual results may vary, and may be impacted by many factors, to include road conditions, weather, environment, combination of steer and drive tires used, driving habits, tire size, equipment and maintenance. 3 “An Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking: 2019 Update,” Prepared by the American Transportation Research Institute, November 2019. 4 Class 8 Truck Energy Audit, Technology Roadmap for the 21st Century Truck. Program: A Government-Industry Research Partnership, 21CT-001, December 2000. Or Page 208 of 1690 Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and Vehicles—Phase 2 5 "Fuel Economy 101" by Fleet Owner
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