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If you have questions, we have answers. In fact, we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. Learn about stability, traction, retreading and OE availability.

1. What about stability?

Vehicle stability is a function of its track width and the height of its center of gravity.

  • The overall width (sidewall to sidewall) is reduced with the MICHELIN® X One® tire.
  • However the use of the 2" outset wheel extends the track by over 3 inches.
  • A wider track improves stability.
  • Wider inner sidewall distance could also allow manufacturers to move the suspensions' supports outward to improve frame stiffness.

Vehicle Handling

  • Drivers have commented that the wide, stable footprint of the MICHELIN® X One® tire can provide the feel of a much more stable truck compared to the traditional dual tires. However, while most MICHELIN® X One® tire fitments allow the track of the trailer to be widened, the vehicle's behavior in curves (on ramps or off ramps) is still subject to roll-over at excessive speeds.
  • Do not let the outstanding handling of the MICHELIN® X One® tires give you a false sense of stability in curves.
  • Do respect all posted speed limits regardless of tire fitments.

Failure to do so may cause vehicle to tip.

2. What happens if there's a rapid air loss situation?

Michelin has completed extensive vehicle handling/stability testing under rapid air loss conditions on tractor/trailers and concrete mixers.

We have found no adverse handling or sudden change in directional stability.

Rapid Air Loss and Flats
Rapid Air Loss, Truck
Rapid Air Loss, Concrete Mixer
Rapid Air Loss, Coach
Rapid Air Loss, Doubles
Rapid Air Loss, Triples

Rapid Air Loss Techniques

Extensive testing has shown that a rapid air loss on a MICHELIN® X One® tire will not compromise the stability and behavior of the vehicle. However, with one tire on each axle end, the loss of air pressure will allow the wheel and axle end to drop and possibly contact the road surface.

Even though new trucks are now required to be equipped with ABS brakes, a lock-up could still occur. The ABS system, which would normally prevent brake lock, does not necessarily have sensors on all wheel positions. For more information about the availability of ABS sensors on all wheel positions for MICHELIN® X One® equipped tractors and trailers, consult your vehicle manufacturer.

Do not try to "limp home" or continue to run on a flat tire.

Do down shift or use the trailer brake (when appropriate) to avoid tire/wheel assembly lock-up.

Do release the brakes intermittently as you slow down to allow some rotation of the assembly.

Failure to do so may cause irreparable damage to the tire, wheel, axle components and vehicle.

3. What about road availability?

With over 1,100 documented points of sale with MICHELIN® X One® tire inventory in the United States, Michelin can offer service and road assistance in all markets on all the major roads.

Michelin's Emergency Road Service can help you keep moving. Just call MICHELIN® ONCall at 1-800-Tire-911®.


4. What about traction and handling?

MICHELIN® X One® XDA® Energy Tire Footprint

Traction Testimonial
Track Testing on Wet Traction

5. What about retrofit compatibility?

The MICHELIN® X One® tires were designed with the same loaded radius as current duals.

275/80R22.5 can be replaced by the 445/50R22.5. 11R22.5 can be replaced by the 455/55R22.5. 275/80R24.5 can be replaced by the 455/55R22.5. The MICHELIN® X One® tires require the use of a 14" wheel. 14.00X22.5 wheels are currently available with various mounting (stud piloted or hub piloted), various offset (0" or 2") and various surface finish.

Some axle and hub manufacturers have recently clarified and confirmed their position concerning the use of 2" outset wheels with their respective components.

Check with your component manufacturer for more details.


6. What about OE availability?

The MICHELIN® X One® tire is available at all major original equipment manufacturers.

Great Dane
HEIL® Heating & Cooling
Mack Trucks, Inc.
Polar Tank Trailer, LLC
Wabash National®
Walker Group Holdings, LLC

7. What about retreading?

MICHELIN® X One® tires are retreadable, just like any radial truck tire. Infini-Coil ensures zero casing growth and better crown endurance.

Michelin® Retread Technologies offers "like new" tread designs and compounds to help maintain second life performance.

Competitor processes also offer alternatives for retreading.

Highway Drive

X One® Line<sup>™</sup> Energy D Pre‑Mold<sup>™</sup> Retread
X One® Line Energy D Pre‑Mold Retread
X One® XDA-HT<sup>™</sup> Pre‑Mold<sup>™</sup> Retread
X One® XDA-HT Pre‑Mold Retread
X One® XDN®2 Pre‑Mold<sup>™</sup> Retread
X One® XDN®2 Pre‑Mold Retread

Highway Trailer

X One® Line<sup>™</sup> Energy T Pre‑Mold<sup>™</sup> Retread
X One® Line Energy T Pre‑Mold Retread
X One® XTA® Pre‑Mold<sup>™</sup> Retread
X One® XTA® Pre‑Mold Retread
X One® XTE® Pre‑Mold<sup>™</sup> Retread
X One® XTE® Pre‑Mold Retread

All Position

X One® XZU®S Pre‑Mold<sup>™</sup> Retread
X One® XZU®S Pre‑Mold Retread

8. What about Canada and Mexico?


MICHELIN® X One® tires are permitted in all provinces, with maximum loads of 7,700 kg per axle. This allows a vehicle to run at 36,300 kg GVW on major highways. Some provinces do have restrictions on some secondary roads. Consult the various Provincial Ministries of Transportation for more information, as permits may be required.

The province of Quebec allows loads up to 9,000 kg per axle, which is equal to current weight limits for dual tires.

The province of Ontario allows loads up to 9,000 kg per axle for 455/55R22.5 MICHELIN® X One® tires. 445/50R22.5 MICHELIN® X One® tires are limited to 8,800 kg per axle. No permit is required.

The province of Manitoba allows dual load parity with X One® tires on RTAC roads. Weight is dependent on truck configuration; please consult the Provincial Ministries of Transportation for more information.


The approved max loading capacity for Mexico is 9 tons per axle regardless of the capacity of the MICHELIN® X One® tire. The MICHELIN® X One® tire is not allowed on vehicles with hazardous or dangerous loads, doubles trailers or buses with two axles.

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